Wellbeing Centre project

Please download information on the proposed Wellbeing Centre and floor plan.

What we offer to the community:  We offer educational programmes to the community that lead to higher living & inner wellbeing for all.

Our core offerings:  We conduct weekly classes for children, youth and adults on the wisdom of Oneness. We offer value-based education programmes, together with the promotion of arts and culture which are well received by the community.

Our weekly Life Skills program for all age groups are as under:

  • Value-based education classes for the children ages between 5 & 12.
  • Life Skills learning for teenagers’ ages between 13 & 17.
  • Life Skills learning for Youth, ages between 18 & 25.
  • Study Groups for the Adults.

To promote wellbeing for all, the centre will:

  • create an environment of learning that extends beyond classrooms
  • promote cultural integration through cultural appreciation
  • promote Right Living through Right Knowledge & Understanding
  • promote mental, emotional, intellectual & spiritual wellbeing
  • help children learn cultural & ethical values through fun-filled activities
  • empower Youth with vision, values & dynamism for success in all fields
  • promote & encourage group learning for individuals and families.

We would like to invite you to our facility based at 63 McKenzie Road, Mangere Bridge, Auckland 2022 to see for yourself our current facility and how the new upcoming facility will make a difference to the community for coming generations!