Our Wings

From Children to senior citizens, Chinmaya Mission New Zealand’s various wings cater to different ages and aspects of spiritual development.


What does Chinmaya Mission offer for children?

  • To provide children (aged 5 – 13 years) with an atmosphere to grow, noble ideals, healthy emotions and physical discipline.
  • To imbibe in children the richness of our culture and heritage and make them aware of the glorious tradition that they hail from.
  • To create self-confidence to serve and act cheerfully in the community.
  • To inculcate personal discipline and a true spirit of leadership.
  • To help latent faculties within the children develop, in a spirit of genuine affection, motivation and trust.
  • To foster in children a sound moral compass and personal value system, to aid them in their growth.

Youth and Teens

CHYK is the youth wing (18-35 years) of the Chinmaya Mission, dedicated to the study and dissemination of Vedanta. Through classes, seminars, and literature, enquiring young minds from all backgrounds explore this ancient knowledge, learn how to incorporate it into their fast-paced lives and discover the clarity, efficiency, and contentment that they seek.

MOTTO: “Harnessing youth potential through dynamic spirituality”


  • Weekly interactive study classes
  • Camps and Workshops
  • Social Service Projects
  • Performing Arts Performances

Youth and Teens

Balvihar for Children

Study group for adults

Chyk for Youth

Courses and Events

Seva Projects

Wellbeing Center