Time Venue Age Group Facilitator
4.00 pm - 5:30 pm Chinmaya Nikunj 5 – 7 years Raji and Suma
4.00 pm - 5:30 pm Chinmaya Nikunj 8 – 10 years Gayatri and Sachi
4.00 pm - 5:30 pm Chinmaya Nikunj 11 – 12 years Jyoti and Mridula
4.00 pm - 5:30 pm Chinmaya Nikunj 13 – 16 years Deepa and Melina
Time Venue Age Group Facilitator
4.00 pm - 5:30 pm Zoom 5 – 12 years Deepa and Smitha

Contact email:

Chinmaya Nikunj Address: 63 McKenzie Road, Māngere Bridge, Auckland 2022

In-Person class on Saturday’s

2024 Dates

  • Term 1: 10th feb to 13th April
  • Term 2: 4th May to 6th July
  • Term 3: 27th July to 28th Sept
  • Term 4: 19th Oct to 7th Dec


The fees options:
Full year = $200
Half Year = $115 for 2 terms
BV classes will remain closed during all long weekends.
Chinmaya Centre : 63, McKenzie Road, Mangere Bridge, Auckland

Balvihar 2024 (Saturday)

Zoom Balvihar 2024 Dates – Sunday’s

  • Term 1: 11th Feb to 14th April
  • Term 2: 5th May to 7th July
  • Term 3: 28th July to 29th Sept
  • Term 4: 20th Oct to 8th Dec


The fees options:
Full year = $175
Half Year = $100 for 2 terms
BV classes will remain closed for all long weekends.

Zoom Balvihar 2024  (Sunday)

Q1. What does Chinmaya Mission offer for children?

The Children’s Program which Chinmaya Mission holds is called ‘Balvihar’ – (Bala= child, Vihar = growth or nourishment). Hence, the main aim of this program is to nourish the cultural growth of the child.
The Balavihar program is an integral part of the Chinmaya Mission’s activities all over the world. It’s main aim and objectives are

  • To provide children (aged 5 – 13 years) with an atmosphere to grow, noble ideals, healthy emotions and physical discipline.
  • To imbibe in children the richness of our culture and heritage and make them aware of the glorious tradition that they hail from.
  • To create self-confidence to serve and act cheerfully in the community.
  • To inculcate personal discipline and a true spirit of leadership.
  • To help latent faculties within the children develop, in a spirit of genuine affection, motivation and trust.
  • To foster in children a sound moral compass and personal value system, to aid them in their growth.

Q2. What are the activities that take place in a Balvihar?

Balvihar activity takes place once a week for a duration of 60 – 90 minutes, at a particular place and time suitable and convenient for all children and parents. All these activities are in English. Some of the activities taken up include:

  • Chanting of Prayers in Sanskrit along with their explanation in English.
  • Bhajans (Devotional singing)
  • Stories from epics of our culture viz. the Ramayan and/or Srimad Bhagavatam, etc.
  • Games & Activities
  • Creative work
  • Significance & Celebration of Cultural Festivals
  • General knowledge discussions
  • Bhagavad Geeta Chanting

Q3. Where are the Balvihar classes currently being held in Auckland?

We have 4 Balvihar classes running in Auckland Saturdays and Sunday (commencing soon) and 3 classes at Wellington. In Auckland, our Balvihar classes are held at:

  • Mangere (Age Group: 5 – 7+ years – Junior Balvihar)
  • Mangere (Age Group: 8 – 9+ years – Junior Balvihar)
  • Mangere (Age Group: 10 – 11+ years – Intermediate Balvihar)
  • Mangere (Age Group: 12 – 15 years – Senior Balvihar)

See the activities list for more details and contact numbers for the Children Program (Balvihar).

Q4. When & how can I enrol my child in Balvihar?

To enrol your child into Balvihar, please click on the link below and complete the registration form.