Mata Mama & Me




“The divine mother loves her children, just because they are her children, and for any other reason” – Swami Chinmayananda. ‘Mata, Mama & Me’ celebrates the feminine and maternal qualities of Divinity, in the form of Devi. Mata is nurturing, wise, strong, and possesses a love that knows no bounds – much like our own Mama. Often a child’s first encounter with the divin is through a mother’s love. Thus, the Scriptures state: “Matru Devo Bhavo’ (Treat your mother as your first Guru). This story depicts the purity of a mother’s love in a way that little ones can understand and relate to. The Chinmaya Bala Katha series now reaches out of even younger children; this Shishu Vihal book caters to toddlers and infants. The principles of Vedant and bhakti are introduced during these early years so as to instill in the readers a strong foundation of virtues and values that will enable them to thrive later in life.


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