Holy Gita Ready Reference




CIF has brought out a reference resource to understand and appreciate the Bhagavadg?t? better, known as Holy G?t? Ready Reference. This is a companion to the “Holy Geeta”, the renowned commentary on Bhagavadg?t? by P?jya Swami Chinmayananda. This is an extremely useful book for serious seekers and research students who are undertaking a detailed study of the Bhagavadg?t?. The questions highlight the points to be noted in each chapter and answers to clarify the doubts and ambiguities that a student is likely to face in the process of study. The alphabetical index of the four padas of each verse in the G?t? is invaluable for any reference work. The Bhagavadg?t? A??ottara?atan?m?vali composed by P?jya Swami Tejomayananda, Head of the Chinmaya Mission worldwide, is an additional treat offered in the book. The beautiful cover and the matching bookmark are a fitting tribute to the quality of the contents. A musthave for all Bhagavadg?t? lovers.


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