Devoid of division, without beginning, endless, immeasurable, beyond logic and comparison is Brahman – knowing which a wise one is liberated.

Upanishads are dialogues between a teacher and a student, which discusses and throws light upon the nature and purpose of life. Each Upanishad, like a mirror, casts a unique reflection of the one Truth, reflecting its manifold aspects.

The word ‘Bindu’ in Sanskrit means a drop and the word ‘Amrta’ indicates Immortality. The Amrta-Bindu Upanishad contains that knowledge, where understanding even a drop of its powerful imports can bestow the seeker with the gift of immortality and eternal happiness, deconstructing the mind and the role it plays in our search for the truth, explaining the very nature of the Self and the means to understand it, is at the core of this scripture.

In this series of talks explaining the Amrta-Bindu Upanishad, Swami Tejomayananda effectively conveys the essence of this great scripture in a simple language using modern-day anecdotes.


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