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Join the Chinmaya Study group to discuss and reflect on ĀcharyaĀdiŚaṅkarā’spopular text ‘Atma Bodh’.

Vedanta study group

on Acharya Adi Shankara’s text “Atma Bodh”

Starting Friday 14 June

7.30 pm to 9 pm

About Atma Bodh

Vedanta is the science of life. It shows us the gateway to peace and happiness. To understand this subtle science, knowledge of certain terms and concepts is mandatory. That is why we have prakarna-granthas or introductory books which explain the definitions of the special terms used in our shastras.ĀcharyaSankaracharya’sAtma Bodh is one such text. It is a scientific journey, throwing light on the subtle concepts present in our shastras. With striking examples and ingenious poetry, he guides the reader along the path of Vedanta terminology.

Pujya Swami Chinmayananda in his commentary effortlessly presents to the common man the timeless wisdom of Sankaracharya. Reflecting on these verses will uplift the mind and elevate the soul. This text is a great guide for beginners and a meditation prop for advanced seekers.

What is a Chinmaya Study group?
Chinmaya Study group involves five to fifteen people who meet at a mutually agreed time, place and day for about ninety minutes each week. The group studies and discusses scriptural texts according to a prescribed syllabus that offers the seeker a systematic exposure to Vedanta.

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7.30 pm to 9 pm




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