Rehraas Sahib




A compilation of Hymns composed by five of the ten Great Gurus of the Sikh tradition, the Rehraas Sahib is typically recited by devout Sikhs at the end of a workday. Besides extolling the ever-blissful nature of the Lord, it also describes how one’s actions help towards attaining enlightenment. On a deeper level, however, the Rehraas Sahib speaks to not only our feelings of fear and frustration due to life’s everyday uncertainties, but more so, to our moral fatigue – probably the greatest stumbling block of spiritual progress.

Swami Swaroopananda expounds the inner import of the Rehraas Sahib and its mystical reviving efficacy, demonstrating how, in true vedantic style, a body and mind set right through daily practice is the most powerful platform there can be for the ultimate achievement of Self-discovery.


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