Not Too Loose, Not Too Tight




THE GOLDEN MEAN After a life in the lap of royal luxury, the day of reckoning arrived. Prince Siddhartha, left his home, his family and the security of his palace to become an ascetic in the forest. He hardly ate or slept. One day hshy;shy;shy;e fell into a partial swoon. In that semi-conscious state, he heard an interesting conversation. A novice was asking his teacher, ldquo;Master, how am I to tune my veena (an Indian musical instrument, here symbolising the human personality)?;

The teacher replied, ldquo;Son, tune not the veena too tight – the strings would break. And don’t string them too loose, for then they would not create musicrdquo;. With this new insight, Siddhartha rose, revived himself with a meal and sat refreshed under the bodhi tree to meditate with new resolve. And thus the Buddha was born. This ‘Golden Mean’, which has since become one of the pillars of the Buddhist way of life, had made all the difference. NOT TOO LOOSE, NOT TOO TIGHT, JUST RIGHT This is what this pocket book is all about! It teaches you to strike the right balance in life and often it makes all the difference between a life of mediocrity and one of success.shy;shy;shy;


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