Mind can it be tamed




It is not with unnoticed irony that the seers of India have likened the human mind to a monkey. For, even as man has evolved and progressed in the outer world, his inner world remains largely fettered by primitive instincts and self- limiting tendencies…. thus preventing his from rising to his true potential, from social animal to transcendental being. Indeed, this mysterious, made to tease mind, while serving at the medium of all activity in the universe, is also the membrane that obstructs man from recognising and expressing his inherent divinity. Drawing on ancient wisdom, Swami Swaroopananda presents, in simple and easy to understand language, an investigation into the nature of the mind, and offers the reader a range of tips and tools to help tame the monkey within. for dedicated seekers of Rruth, Swamiji’s advice constitutes more than just a metaphorical leash; it is a veritable lifeline to true living.


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