The epic Ramayana written by Valmiki, thousands of years ago, gave inspiration to several litterateurs in India through the centuries. Though told a thousand times, the story of Sri Rama does not become stale.

This book, especially written for children by Bharati with the assistance of Swamiji, awakens in one a sense of beauty and wonder. The language is lyrical – the sentences are short and crisp and the style is racy. The story of Sri Rama is not just narrated as an ancient tale full of sound and fury signifying nothing. The narration is interspersed with descriptions of the sights and sounds of Nature. Swami Chinmayananda says, that this book is a picture gallery where each picture is a perfect one – and yet the entire gallery is confusing with its variegated colours, just like the picture of the world around us. That is why it attracts the young and the old alike.

“Truly a thing of genuine beauty evokes in us a sense of reverence for the Divine; be it a thousand hued rainbow, the forest trees in bloom, the stillness of a moonlit night, the music of the river rushing to meet the ocean, or the darshan of ancient temples or images – their origin lost in antiquity – ageless, timeless, places of worship.”


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