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A one day retreat in Nelson with Swamini Amritananda

Saturday 20 July, 10:00am – 3:00pm

A correct understanding of the true importance of Dharma and Karma, and the  purpose behind them, is necessary for anyone seeking fulfilment and spiritual upliftment.

In this one day retreat, Swamini Amritananda will unfold the meaning of Dharma and Karma. Participants will be guided towards a clearer understanding of living a dharmic life through right understanding and right action.

This is a unique opportunity to step back from everyday activities for one day, refreshing the spirit and re-setting the compass through the warmth and wisdom of Swaminiji’s teaching. As Pujya Guruji Swami Tejomayananda has said, “ Between the urgent and the routine, one must not forget the important.”

The retreat will be held at Nelson’s historic Fairfield House.The adjacent Meeting Room is a small, intimate space in a quiet garden setting.  A light vegetarian lunch will be provided with some dairy and gluten free options.

Places are limited due to venue size.  Cost is $65.00

For further details and to register, please contact Vicky on 022-4979961 or 03-5391037

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Saturday 20th July, 10am – 3pm


Contact Vicky on 022-4979961 or 03-5391037


A soul enriching Day Retreat, Fairfield House Meeting Room.