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A 5-week course

Knowledge of the Self is called Upanishad vidya and the scriptural texts, in which it is revealed, are called the Upanishads. Often, people wonder how many Upanishads one needs to study in order to gain Self-Knowledge. Once, a mahatma was asked this frequent question. He replied, ‘How many mirrors do you need to see your face? One mirror is enough. Of course, there is no harm if you wish to see it in many mirrors. Every mirror will only show a reflection of your own self.’ Similarly, to gain the Self knowledge, the study of one Upanishad is sufficient; but if one wishes to revel in it and enjoy it, one may study many more. When a Realised Master was asked why he still continued to read the Upanishads, he replied that he was just reading about his own glories! ‘Anorniyan mahato mahiyan – I (the Self) am greater than the greatest and subtler than the subtlest.’ That is why we love to see images of ourselves because we see, unconsciously, the reflection of our true nature, our blissful and lovable Self.

The Upanishads reveal to us that in truth we are beyond life and death, good and bad, that we are the supreme Brahman, the highest Reality. In this five sessions course, Swamini Amritananda will introduce the wisdom of the Upanishads and help us understand the sublime knowledge of our own SELF.

9.00 am to 10.00 am

Sunday 4 August’19

63 McKenzie Road, Mangere Bridge

Course donation $50

Limited seats & by registration only


Swamini Amritananda is based in our Auckland and Nelson centre and is heading activities there along with overseeing the activities all across New Zealand. She runs the Mission’s activities in Auckland and Nelson, where she conducts regular yoga classes, meditation sessions & Vedanta study group for adults & children. She is also a qualified YOGA teacher trained in Sivananda Yoga Centre, India.

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9.00 am to 10.00 am




63 McKenzie Road,
Mangere Bridge